Land as Body. Body as Land. 

Water as Body. Body as Water.

When we return to her, we return to ourselves.


erynne is of mixed Saulteaux-Cree Métis, Filipina, Irish & Scottish ancestry. She comes from sweetgrass & mangoes. 

Her academic and personal creative work reflects themes of decolonization, Indigenous resurgence, through her frameworks of embodied governance, insurgent healing and Land/Water-based wellness. Her Ph.D. final thesis is entitled “Land as Body: Indigenous Womxn’s Leadership, Land-based Wellness and Embodied Governance”.

"I come from many worlds and am trying to find a way to construct a world where they can all fit. I understand processes of decolonization as first a Great Remembrance and thereafter connection to self, others, spirit and the Land".

Kitaskînaw î pî kiskinohamâkoya: 
The knowledge comes from the land and the Journey back to that Great Remembering.

Erynne is also the founder of Indigenous Womxn Climb, a proud team member of Native Womens Wilderness, ambassador of  ZAI sinta se vivo Brazil and collaborative founder of Indigenous Womxn Climb. 


E R Y N N E G I L P I N @ G M A I L . C O M

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