Land as Body. Body as Land. 

Water as Body. Body as Water.

When we return to the Land we return to ourselves.
When we remember that we belong to the Land

we remember that we belong to each other.



erynne is an educator, rock-climber, wellness activist, Birth-Doula and Mother of mixed ancestry (Michif [Manitoba Métis Federation]/Filipina/Celtic). She comes from sweetgrass & mangoes. 

Her academic and personal creative work reflects Land based climate justice leadership, Land-based wellness and Inter-National Traditional Birth work.





ᒪᓂᑐᐤᔫᑎᐣ ᐃᐢᑫᐧᐤ

"I come from many worlds and am trying to find a way to construct a world where they can all fit. I understand processes of decolonization as first a Great Remembrance and thereafter connection to self, others, spirit and the Land".