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erynne is an educator, film-maker, rock-climber and new Mama of  mixed Michif (The Pás/Duck Bay MB; Member of the Manitoba Métis Federation) Filipina and Celtic ancestry. 

She comes from sweetgrass & mangoes. 

Her academic (PhD of Indigenous Governance), personal and creative work reflects Land based climate justice leadership, Land-based wellness and Inter-National reproductive traditions and perinatal governance.



Research Focuses: Land-based wellness, Embodied Governance, Insurgent Healing, Anti-racist leadership in the Outdoors, Decolonization, Indigenization, Place-based knowledge mobilization, film-based storytelling, Intersectionality, Perinatal & Family Wellness, Climate Action and Outdoor Education. 


Co-Founder and producer of UATÊ STORIED LEARNING, a story-based film company grounded in anti-oppressive and radical pedagogical research and relational methodologies. Erynne is committed to decolonial approaches to education, climate justice, community wellness and knowledge sharing.


Land as Body 

return to the land
return to our future

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