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handmade custom orders. 

traditional & contemporary beadwork and crafts.

each one made with intentions, prayers and relationship.

please contact for custom orders and prices. 

Please note that I am not currently taking orders! 


r e c e n t 
c o l l e c t i o n 

storied creations for personal journeys, celebrations and transformation.

custom orders. 

w i n t e r l o d g e
protection pieces for the winer moon season

r e d e a r t h
these earrings are born out of kinship relations from the 2019 Flash Foxy Women's Climbing Festival: Custom Orders which represent unique and sacred regalia for each unique and sacred womxn. 
m ã e  t e r r a
these earrings represent Motherhood and Mother the Land. 

made for ceremony, they represent transformation, growth and entrance into Motherhood. 

The colours chosen represent
Land, Plant-life, Fire and Spiritual Transformation.

r e  b i r t h 

these earrings represent transitions in life, through ceremony, love and life. 

they were commissioned as a wedding gift for this sacred womxn.

The colours chosen represent Transformation, Courage, Water and Rebirth. 

l o b a

these earrings represent honour and protection.

They are made for my sister and symbolize arrows and the precision of speaking truth /tapwe, even when your heart trembles. 

The colours chosen represent
Magic, Truth, Strength, Sacred Voice and Remembrance. 


n a n i c h i  a t a b e y

these earrings represent the sacred love that lives between womxn through sisters beyond blood. 

They were commissioned and gifted  in the spirit of honouring sisterhood. 

The colours represent royalty, sacred ancestry, beauty and spiritual connection. 

l o d g e  s i s t e r s

Sacred gifts for my lodge sisters 


happy relatives

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